The idea of the site

Hi! I am glad to see you on my site! My name is Alexander Soloviev. I am a native Russian speaker and Russian teacher. I created this site for everyone who would like to learn the Russian language and would like to become acquainted with Russian culture.

Here you can find the Russian alphabet, Russian vocabulary (Russian words for many different situations), Russian expressions (that could help you to speak your mind among Russians), Russian history (this category can help you to prepare for some exams or find out more facts about Russia), some facts about Ancient Russia and learning tips of learning the Russian language that will help you to improve your level of Russian considerably.

The information on this site is presented in the form of articles. Most of the categories here are structured under main headings with a short description about each particular article.

I hope you will find everything that you want on this site, but if not, contact me with some additional ideas for articles.

Good luck learning Russian!