About Me

My name is Alexander Soloviev, I am from Rybinsk, Russia. I am a native Russian speaker and currently understand the difficulties that you can encounter while learning my mother tongue, since it iss one of the most difficult languages to learn. That is why I am ready to help you to solve all of your issues in this sphere, help you feel confident using Russian and to also break a language barrier!

My approach is to work with the student in class and provide them the resources that they can put in to practice from what was taught in the lesson. I try to find a unique way of teaching for each student and help them to reach their goals. For beginners who just decided to start to learn Russian we will start from the alphabet and phonetics, for those at the intermediate level we will use special materials to work on reading, listening, speaking and so on. With already experienced learners, we will perfect their skills through practice.

Let is improve your level of Russian and break a language barrier!