8 curse words that will help you during a word-fight

Usually we have really good and warm conversations. But what if you’re having one and voices get raised? What to say in this case? How to protect yourself in this kind of situation? This article will answer these questions for you and introduce you to 8 words that could help you in that!

  1. Борзеть (оборзеть)

    When somebody says to you (Ты чё, оборзел?!) it means, that this person doesn’t like something you’re doing. If you’re doing something that’s absolutely not permissible in a group or with a person, it’s possible to hear someone say that to you.
  2. Заколебал

    Someone will call you this word when you’ve became annoying to them. This phrase: “Да ты уже заколебал меня!” will alert you, that it would be a good idea to change the topic of your conversation. Sometimes it’s even better just to leave.
  3. Припух

    The meaning of this word is very close to “борзеть”, but it’s not as rough. When you hear something like: “А ты не припух ли?” it means you need to cool down.
  4. Достал

    This one is close to the meaning of “заколебал”, but sounds softer. Usual phrases with this word are: “Ты меня уже достал!” and “Как же ты меня достал”.
  5. Попутал

    This words is usually used in phrases like: “А ты не попутал?” The meaning is really close to “припух” and “оборзел” It says that you’re leading a bad lifestyle and need to reconsider your behavior.
  6. Выпендриваться

    That means to behave provocatively. The phrase: “Чё это ты выпендриваешься?” tells you that it would be better to change how you’re behaving.
  7. Пошёл ты

    If all the words before didn’t have any translation to English, this one does and it’s pretty easy: “Fuck you!” I think everyone knows how and when to use it so explanations aren’t necesssary.
  8. Свали

    This word also has its translation: “Get out!” and can be used as: “Свали отсюда!”

People who would say these kind of phrases and words usually look like this:

Or that:

And of course, you won’t hear these words in cultured society, but who knows, you may encounter them.

Hopefully you will never hear and use these words, but I really think that it would be better for you to have these kinds of words in your mind bank. So now, you know more about Russian curse words and can use them in the worst case.

Learn Russian and have fun!