Learn Russian through work with songs

Hello everyone!
Here I would like to describe the system of working with songs and how to squeeze the maximum out of a song.

So, here are several steps that could make the time when you listen to a song not only fun, but useful as well:

  1. Of course, first you need to choose a song. Better to use one that you like, but at the same time make sure it has good, clear and grammatically correct lyrics. Start with slow songs, since they’re a lot easier to understand and sing along to.

  2. Now you need to listen to the whole song, and when you finish, read the lyrics without the music. In this step it would be better to just read at a normal pace, without the pace of the song in your head. Also, you need to translate it. It’s important to do that on your own, before looking at the complete variant, because you need to learn how to understand some difficult parts of the song.

  3. After that, when you already know most of the words you can try to sing along, looking at the lyrics. It’s absolutely necessary to sing, even if you have no talent for it. Remember, for this exercise your singing ability doesn’t matter, what counts is that doing this will help you to improve your articulation.

  4. Next step – learn the lyrics by heart, memorizing paragraph by paragraph. In this phase you already need to keep up the pace of the song and keep it in mind during the process.

  5. Now you already can try to sing along without the lyrics. Try to keep the pace.

  6. In this step, sing it already without playing the song, just a capella.

  7. And now, finally, sing it without the song, keeping the pace and copying the manner of the singer (but try to not swallow the endings of words or complete words, since some singers do this).

As a result:

  • You’ll improve your memory.
  • You’ll improve your articulation.
  • You’ll get used to speaking really fast and correctly.
  • You’ll fill your mind bank with rare words and phrases.
  • You’ll enjoy it.

So now you know one more good way to improve your language, not just sitting around with boring textbooks and rules. Sure this method isn’t a standard one and you can’t find it in textbooks, but it’s easy, free and a really interesting technique that’s especially useful for people who have some issues getting started in speaking practice and in breaking the language barrier.

Good luck studying Russian!